portland part i

random shot from the car; my lovely friend viv's windowsill. i would also like to point out that the yellow deer and the horseshoe vase gifts from your truly.

the moneyball from pine state biscuits; people love to ride their bikes here

the streets were lined with petal confetti. i was definitely enamored; mural from a vintage store called rad summer vintage. the girls there were so nice and super sweet.

long overdue picture post of my amazing trip to portland. i had so much fun catching up with dear friends and just exploring the beautiful city with amazingly nice people. there is more to come, i promise!

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  1. lovely pictures of your trip! The part where everyone loves to ride bikes there is the best. Everyone needs to drop the cars and a bike around town, I say. Why was there petal confetti? Just interested :)

  2. the petal confetti is just natural. they flew off of the trees. it was like snow, but way better!