wes anderson x hyundai

i rarely watch commercials on tv, but this sunday as i was watching the oscars i noticed these two hyundai commercials.  the beginning 2/3 of each commercial did not strike me as an automobile commercial and the first one really caught my eye. well, fast forward to today, and i see that both of these were directed by my favorite, wes anderson.  leave it to wes (yes, i'm on a first name basis with him), to make even automobile commercials enjoyable to watch.

*i actually recently bought a hyundai, so i feel like i had something to do with this. probably not, but it's nice thinking that.

via the vulture


  1. Heh, well, a car commercial is like a good joke. The car itself is the punch line, and if it's good, then it's memorable. How's the car you're driving, BTW? Here's to hoping that you enjoy it as much as you enjoy these commercials...