weekend instagram

decided to copy kate, and show you some snapshots of my weekend (taken on my iphone with instagram). was invited by a friend to go watch javier dunn at room 5. he had a wicked sense of humor so he was a delight to watch. check out this cover of miike snow he did. had a wonderful day of brunch at memphis and watched crazy, stupid, love (which i have already mentioned).

i also went a little nail polish crazy this weekend. i am OBSESSED my new lilac/gold glitter nails. it makes me so happy to see them shimmering. i also discovered a place that sells essie for $3.50 near my house. needless to say, i definitely bought a load of polishes (that i didn't technically need). all in all, it was an amazing weekend with lots of sun and polish.


  1. Sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend! I too am obsessed with the sparkly nail polishes these days! ;) oxox

  2. essie for $3.50? you're so lucky, i want to live there, too! i always have to ask myself if i really need a real expensive new nailpolish (which i normally do ;)

  3. Whaaat $3.50? Would you be willing to share this secret place?