i crush: conan

today is a great day! i get to be an audience member of a special, secret test show for conan's new show on tbs. i'm. so. freaking. excited. i was fortunate enough to see conan back in december when he was still on the tonight show and it was such a thrilling experience to see conan live and in action!

another reason today is such a good day is that is my friend (lover?) serena's birthday! we get to celebrate by seeing one of our favorite people ever and then afterward were gonna do a day trip to san diego. needless to say, this weekend is going to be action packed. so, i'm doing all of these post ahead of time so you guys can have something to read in my absence.

eek! i love you conan (...and serena!)!

please enjoy this video of conan washing his car.


  1. hahah, love conan!!

  2. who was the guests on the 2nd show?

    I went to the first one with Jack McBrayer, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Brendon Walsh.