portland part iii

like promised, here is the third installment of my portland trip. there are two more special posts to come, so be on the lookout.

scrolling doughnuts at voodoo doughnuts; chocolate shot from cacao a wonderfully delicious chocolate store

the thb (turkey, havarti, bacon) waffle from flavour spot. portland has the most magical food carts in the whole world; another bridge shot, i think i fell in love with these (we don't have bridges in san diego)

drinks at sapphire hotel, which used to be a brothel; stand up comedy

late night poutine at the poutine cart. why doesn't southern california have more food carts like these?

i hope you enjoyed viewing my trip as much as i did.

*click to enlarge images


  1. Oh yes, we do have yummy food carts!! Glad you got to enjoy them! It's fun seeing Portland through your point of view:)