portland part ii

I was going to try to wrap up portland in this post, but it seems impossible, so part iii is on the way.

we went to see dj sega and buraka som sistema at rotture.

we biking at laurelhurst park and took the world's most wonderful nap! then it was off to my favorite bookstore, powell's.

view of one of the many bridges from the car. i made everyone kimchi fried rice for being so incredibly hospitable.

went brandy tasting at clear creek distillery. all their ingredients are locally grown and harvested!

happy hour at clyde common is amazing and so is there burger! and one of the most epic nights ever at voicebox, a karaoke lounge.

*click to enlarge pictures


  1. Ah! Fun! I love Laurelhurst Park! Clyde Commons is lovely but I never have gotten around to eating there even though I used to live very close to it! Love seeing your pics of pdx. You did lots of things I've never done here even after 9 years!!:)

  2. hi chelsea! clyde common is amazing! their drinks are really fresh and not syrupy (like most places) and their happy hour menu is such a steal!

    i will have more pictures up soon! thanks for stopping by!