myPetsQuare Loves Everyone

Some of the stuff from myPetsQuare.

It was very unintentional, but the first set of photos exemplify the perfect menswear/tomboy mix from the site and the second set shows some of the best girly/feminine pieces.

Retail therapy/online window shopping is amazing!

P.S. I think I am really enjoying using/typing slashes today

Etsy Find

These are from Foudre Blanche's etsy shop.

The minute I saw these, I had to have ALL of them!  Not only are they pretty, but they are EXTREMELY affordable.  My favorite is the last one.


Must 'Stached

What do u think? Yay or nay? Mustache as part of home decor?

Please excuse the skin colored wall.



Holy wallpaper! I also love the tulip chairs and table.

I saved the best for last. The wallpaper, the bookshelves, the framed artwork, and the bed. This small nook of the house embodies what I would like my place to look like: cozy, bohemian, livable.

The minute I saw Wary Meyers' house online, I was in one word smitten. Every room had its own character and style, yet there was a cohesion to it all. As a renter still trying to put together her place, this placed oozed with inspiration for me.

What do you all think?

images via Wary Meyers via Even Cleveland

Net-a-Porter Sale-a-palooza

I saw news of this, this morning, and I think I heard my bank account wailing in the distance (or was it me?).

Go spend, help the economy! Show me your purchases!


I was just getting my normal dose of celebrity gossip when I came upon Kirsten Dunst in this coat...

images via justjared & tfs

The minute I saw it, I was in love. I was thinking to myself, "Is this Opening Ceremony?" And lo and behold, a few clicks of the mouse and a little investigating confirmed my suspicions. I couldn't find the exact coat (rumor has it, it's completely sold out), but I found this:

So darn cute! The buffalo plaid, the funnel neck, the flare...everything is perfect! And then I saw this:
Dear lord! I love vests. This one ESPECIALLY with its amazing draping in the front.

Anyone wanna donate some money to the cause?

If you want to buy me a little gift, these are all available at La Garconne.


Must 'Stached

This will be a new feature on this pigeon's blog. Inspired from my friend JK's love of mustaches and the men that wear them. She claims this is becoming a new fad and I firmly believe her. This cute necklace is available at Ach Ach Liebling. They have a bunch of other jewelry that is really cute and eclectibly wearable.

Go buy one and become a fan of the mustache'd.


Structural Wolf

Ever since I saw the work of Marshalla Design, I was in love. Especially this sweater. I love the structure and the shape, and especially the wolf head.

This was achieved through:
You can get more info at The T-Shirt Issue.

Thakoon for Target

imges via nylon magazine

I know this is old news, but I wanted to revisit. Nothing innovative or inventive, but I am in love with the prints. I can imagine myself holiday-ing on the beach somewhere in these.

Thakoon and prints.

Here's Michelle Obama in a Thakoon dress.
Speaking of Michelle Obama, Diane von Furstenberg just submitted her sketches for her inagural gown. I eagerly await to see what she will be wearing. As much as I had fun following this election, I had more fun following the wives fashion.

Bird's Eye View

Some amazing images to celebrate Friday.

FAT [Fashion, Art, & Type] Magazine #1
via SansArtifice


image via Dazed

Angels is a London costumier that provides fashion houses and films with inspiration and costumes.

They are having a huge warehouse sale on Dec. 6. In London (my favorite city). There are going to be clothes and accessories spanning from the 1920's!

Watch these videos and be amazed, jealous, covetous, and down right angry. Now someone tell me, why do I NOT live in London? If you do live in London, please pick up some stuff for me!

I Have a Problem: Tsumori Chisato

Today's Obsession: Tsumori Chisato

The prints, oh the prints! I especially love the trompe-l'œil effect of the last dress.

I wish I had a fairy godmother come in and dress me in one of these confections!


Web Connection

Boy by Band of Outsiders s/s 09 vido

via ACL

I personally love the polaroids (soon to be RIP) of Michelle Willliams, but who can resist the boyish charms of this collection as well?

Some images:

RIP polaroids. You will be missed.
via tfs

I am obsessed with this image. The colors of the balloons...I can't explain. I feel like this is what a happy day would feel like...floating around Paris, in a fancy dress, holding on to a bunch of balloons.

Here's the ad that was directed by Sofia Coppola. Enjoy!

Coming Out of the Closet

Chuck (Ed) & Blaire (Leighton) are freaking adorable here! Those mother-chuckers!

I guess you can count this as me coming out of the Gossip Girl closet. Once again, please don't judge.
via fashionista


i like to scrape off the salt on my pretzels. don't judge...

BBW Fall Sale

Built by Wendy is having its fall sale online and in store. I've long been a fan and this bit of news seems like a slice o' heaven!

Some things that have caught this pigeons' eye...

My bank account is hating me about now.


Alyson Fox

I've been a big fan of Alyson Fox (designer/artist extraordinaire) for a long time now. And then last week I see on Design*Sponge that she recently got married! Her wedding looks like the small, intimate kind of affair that I adore in a wedding. Congrats Alyson!

Here are some images of her wedding from Ashley Garmon.

Edit (I meant her artwork, not mine) Here is some of her artwork that I have swooned for.

If anyone out there wants to buy me some A. Fox artwork for my new place....I will not object. Here are some places to do so...

Keep Calm
Little Paper Planes
The Shiny Squirrel