i saw drive over the weekend. it was definitely not what i was expecting. it was really dark, quiet, and subtle.  the actions definitely spoke a lot more than the words (which were very few). it's taken a few days to digest, but  i think i'm on the side of liking it now. i really like ryan gosling's performance as "driver" (that's what imdb names his character, since we were never privy to it in the movie), it's very subtle and mysterious.  and it's not just because i have a huge crush on him (as evidenced here). i would also recommend listening to slates spoiler special afterward, it helped me to understand it a bit more.

warning - for those who don't like violence or extreme violence, i would highly recommend not seeing this movie.

i really enjoyed the title track from the movie, which really captuer the mood of the movie.

did any of you watch drive? what did you think?

photo & song thanks to fox is black

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