hi! i'm taking a weekend roadtrip to napa and san francisco! anyone have any suggestions on things to do or eat?

*photo from summerspot


  1. in sf:
    zuni cafe
    jaunty at jack's
    pancho villa

    de young museum
    bell jar
    therapy on mission
    rare device

    I mean there are a ton of places to go and eat so this is just a few places I would hit while in sf. try to catch a giant's game if you can, the stadium is pretty cool. if you are interested in a good burger, check out bill's place on balboa. have a blast.

  2. omg, Ubuntu is one of my favorite restaurants in the world! it's in downtown napa. it's vegetarian, but don't let that put you off. my husband is the world's biggest meat eater, and he's in love with it, too. Frank Bruni wrote an awesome review of it in the NYTimes, if you want the expert's opinion :) have a great trip!! xoxo

  3. Caffe Triese in North Beach, and order a Mocha. BEST COFFEE ever! and the place is very cute and filled with locals.

  4. Just realized I spelled it wrong: Caffe Triste

  5. Somehow missed this post last week, so sorry I wasn't able to give you any suggestions. I hope you had a wonderful trip! I'd love to hear where you ended up going, I'm always looking for new places to check out in the area. :)

  6. I used to live in SF and lived even more in Park Chow (on Church St.) where I'd devour their oven baked lasagna weekly. (and I don't even really like lasagna)

  7. SAN FRAN - Tartine Bakery on Guerrero Street in the Mission offers the most delicious and beautiful bread pudding you're likely to see in your lifetime. Everything they have is stunning actually (pain au chocolat i tried was great) ...and they play lots of post-punk in the cafe. The line can get a bit obscene, but well worth the wait.

    If you're looking for a killer Mission burrito go straight to El Farolito, 2951 24th St. Unparalleled burrito gestalt. Go for the pork with pinto.

  8. Oh! I'm sooo very jealous!! And that photo! WOW! I want to be there now.