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i love a good (and i mean good) coming-of-age film as much as the next person, and this one looks like a winner. an education is based on british journalist lynn barber's memoir and the screenplay was written by nick hornby. most importantly, i am excited about the 1960's costuming the trailer promises.

read some of lynn barber's work here

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  1. I enjoy your blog.
    I'm going to use it to keep up!

  2. kate - i can't wait till this comes out! i believe october '09

    tiana b - thanks! i'll make sure to update more frequently!

  3. wow i was so inspired by this today. thank you! i was also reading this article. its such an crazy story: http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/2009/jun/07/lynn-barber-virginity-relationships

  4. Looks like I've come to the right blog: two great finds on just one page always gets a bookmark from me. This looks amaaazing and can't wait to see it!