i've been thinking of this subject matter a lot lately; what am i passionate about? finding that one thing that you love and are deeply zealous about seems like the key to one's own happiness.

if you have 15 minutes, watch this commencement speech that steve jobs (of apple) gave at standford in 2005. his three stories are a testament to passion leading to something truly great.


  1. I've been thinking about this alot recently too. A few years ago I got sick in my final year of university doing a course I liked but didn't love. I had to move home and for the past few years my parents have been caring for me. as I begin to get better again I'm starting to think about careers and the future but now I really want to find the thing that I love doing - Life's too short to spend it doing something that I don't love. Thanks for this speech it was pretty inspiring. And good luck finding what it is you really love to do!

  2. hi miss milki!

    thank you so much for sharing your story. i am in the same boat as you, and have been looking for inspiration and things to do in such a transitional period. i have some things in the pipeline and once i make a final decision i will make sure to let you know!