I Guess I'm Not the Only One...

I'm always spouting off that French women really know style. And now I know I'm not the only one. Joanna Godard was so curious as to how to dress like a French woman, she turned to french street style blogge garance dore for advice. Let us all rejoice!

A snippet of the Q&A:

Do French women wear lots of stripes? That’s how it is in the movies…

So listen, Joanna. I stand witness straight from my armoire, and since you don’t see me, I’ve got my hands on:

three short-sleeved striped shirts,
two long-sleeved striped shirts
two round-necked striped pullovers,
and one striped cardigan..

Do French women often have long hair? How does it have that perfect messiness?


I have long hair and so do most of my friends. Wow, look at that. Don’t you find the French woman very original?

In New York, everyone wears jeans. Do French women prefer other kind of pants, like black leggings perhaps, or skirts?

I believe the French woman also has a love affair with her jeans. Although we wear a lot of skirts and dresses too, whatever the season, n’est-ce pas?

No leggings for the French woman that I am.

What’s the deal with flats vs. heels?

Very personnal answer : HEELS !!! Come on !

How do you get that French je ne sais quoi?

The secret? The nonchalant air and the smoky eye, the perfect alternative to the cigarette.


  1. Ohyes. I like how french people are always so chic without trying too hard.

  2. I loved this little Q+A. French women are so chic. I love how they seem lo-maintenance and confident. They also tend to wear the same clothes for years as opposed to buying new looks every season as we do in America.