Diplo Election Night 11.04

Thanks to Mad Decent and Gorilla vs Bear and their Mad Decent tour ticket contest (thanks!), I was able to catch the gang in LA at the Echoplex on 11.04 (yes, I am crazy and drove all the way from San Diego), election night.


At the beginning of his set.

Pizza and Obama

Yes, that's Pizzaman dancing with Obama (I got to as well)!

Hey Dip! Pizza and Hot Dog

Diplo; Pizzaman and Hot Dog guy on stage dancing (boy did I get hungry).

Here's a video that I took on stage.


Diplo killed it on election night! He played A.P.T's Obama Remix and the crowd went WILD!

Here's Mad Decent's (his record label) account of the concert (see if you can a do a little 'Where's Waldo' and find Pigeon.Toed) and follow their antics as they continue on their tour (like when they almost bought a coffin).

For those of you not familiar with Diplo....
  • Diplo JJJ Mix 01.01.08
  • Diplo Essential Mix on BBC 1 Radio 09.16.07

But please check out Never Scared, a mix he did with Hollertronix, and his mixtape he did with M.I.A. (Piracy Funds Terrorism).

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